What We Do

Large Group

We meet to sing, pray, and study the Bible (you’d probably call it a sermon). It’s a little like chapel, but smaller and…well, people say it is just different.

Join us Tuesday nights at 8:30PM in Mills 270-280. You’re invited to join us to hang out after the meeting — whether we stay in Mills to hang out and eat snacks, or head out to have fun together. If you have homework or other commitments, we understand, but we want you to know we want to know you. The Large Group schedule, and other RUF events can be found on our calendar.

Small Groups

Small groups are a way for you to participate in the RUF community in a “smaller” way. Groups provide the opportunity for you to relate to one another in a more intimate and purposeful way than in Large Group. A small group aims to provide relational, discussion, and fellowship opportunities. Looking for a group? Let us know on our Contact Page.

Individual Conversations

An opportunity to meet one-on-one. If you would like to have someone listen, reflect, and converse with you about…well, whatever is on your heart; questions of faith, discipleship, your past, your future, or what’s going on right now in your life – we’d value the chance to talk with you. Contact information can be found on this site’s Contact Page, and goes directly to campus minister, Scott Wells.


When God blesses us, He blesses us to be a blessing unto others. We seek to live out the implications of being a Christian in a place. As RUF at Covenant continues to grow, we will explore ways that we can best serve the campus, the city of Chattanooga, and others elsewhere.

Fun & Fellowship

Being a “Fellowship” means living with one another in community. RUF provides opportunities for fun rest and recreation with others. Keep an eye on our calendar for events.